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In order to make things a little more organized, I've tried to split things up into fairly logical groups, and provided a separate page of links for each category. It was a little tough to decide how many categories I needed and what they should be; and some sites were a little tough to place in a specific category. Some sites may look a little out of place for the category they're in, and some may be listed in more than one category.
Horse Care and Training
A list of links to sites providing info on horse care, feeding, vet info, training, etc. Last update - Dec 30, 2001
Local Events
One of my ways of wasting time is hanging out at local equestrian events and taking pictures (and ogling riders). Here's a collection of photographs from some events.Last update -
Horse Laughs
If you have horses, you gotta have a sense of humor. Here's a page of links to some good equestrian humor pages. Last update -
Equestrian Travel Info
Planning a trip? Taking your horse? Whether the horses are going with you or staying home, you may be interested in some of these sites.Last update -
A list of sites providing information about specific breeds of horses, and breed-related organizations and publications.Last update - Dec 31, 2001
A list of sites providing information about specific equestrian disciplines or riding styles (eventing, foxhunting, endurance, etc.)Last update -
I know this should be in the above category, and it's on that page, too. But it's what I do, so it gets a special mention here. This is a link to my own pages about foxhunting, with links to other foxhunting-related sites and information about the Foxhunters online mailing list. Last update -
Organizations and Associations
A list of sites maintained by various horse-related organizations. Since many of these organizations are dedicated to a specific breed or discipline, a lot of these links are duplicated on one of the pages listed above. But some, such as the various humane/rescue organizations, are not listed anywhere else. Last update - Dec 30, 2001
Commercial sites
A list of commercial sites (tack shops, horses for sale, services, etc). Last update -
Telltale Signs of Equine Addiction
If any of these symptoms apply to you, you're probably already beyond help. But it might help you spot signs of this insidious addiction in a friend, relative, or loved one.

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