What's your favorite breed?

A list of sites with information about specific breeds and breed-related organizations.

National Thoroughbred Racing Association
Everything you ever wanted to know about thoroughbred racing, presented in a fun, offbeat fashion ... "Because there's no room on this home page for anyone who isn't willing to cut loose, grab a little fun by the reins, walk the racetrack walk, and take a little risk at the windows. If you like your fun on the hoof, read on. This web page will take you there, and it will fully equip you to become the turf-talking railbird you've always wanted to be."
National Fjord Racing Association
This link would probably be more appropriate on my Equine Humor page (and it's there too), but I couldn't resist adding it here.
Thoroughbred Times On-Line
The leading source of international racing news. From its office in Lexington, Kentucky, and with correspondents throughout the world, the Thoroughbred Times provides insightful analysis and captures all the color of the sport.
Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association
Founded in 1961, TOBA embraces projects designed to improve the economics and enjoyment of the sport of Thoroughbred flat racing, particularly in the interests of racehorse owners and breeders.
The Jockey Club
Responsibilities of The Jockey Club consist primarily of maintenance and publication of The American Stud Book in a manner which insures integrity of the breed. The Jockey Club also pledges its support and assistance in all matters concerning the Thoroughbred industry.
The Running Horse WWW Page
Information on thoroughbred racing, maintained by Al Lauck.
The Blood-Horse
Another magazine dedicated to the thoroughbred racing industry.
Thoroughbred United Retirement Fund
A group of internet users and horse lovers committed to rescuing, rehabilitating, and retraining thoroughbred racehorses to provide them with a chance for a second career.
United States Trotting Association
Information about the United States Trotting Association and standardbred racing.
BLM Wild Horse and Burro program
Information about the wild horse and burro adoption program run by the United States Bureau of Land Management. John Robinson's site (above) was here first, but this one is official.
American Quarterhorse Association
Draft Horse Page
Oklahoma State University Horse Breeds Resource
If your favorite breed isn't listed above (or even if it is), check out this page provided by Oklahoma State's Animal Science department. It has information on more breeds than you even knew existed, from Abyssinian to Zhemaichu.
Open Directory Equestrian Breed Listings
The Open Directory Project is a new approach to creating some semblance of order from the chaos of the World Wide Web. As the web grows and becomes more unwieldy, search engines yield hundreds of irrelevant results, and commercial directories become woefully outdated. ODP's goal is to provide a comprehensive, current directory by relying on an army of dedicated volunteer editors, each of whom is editing a category which interests him/her.

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