Horse Laughs

A list of sites devoted to the lighter side of horse ownership .. or places where you can learn how your horses are laughing behind your back.
Horse/Rider Types
A humorous look at the types of people and horses you're likely to see involved in different riding styles. Originated by Patti Steadman with additions from others.
Horse, Riders, and Light Bulbs
A description of how many horses or riders of different types are needed to change a light bulb.
Horses vs Spouses
Someone posted on Equine-L a bunch of reasons why horses are better than men, and vice-versa. After the list reappeared several times, I countered with a similar one about wives. Both are preserved here for posterity.
What Ralph Lauren Doesn't Know
An anonymous equestrienne's response to Ralph Lauren's glamorous presentation of the equestrian lifestyle.
Lionel Learns to Behave
Cute series of pictures of a foal learning Mom is not a jungle gym.
Big Enough Ass?
People seldom complain about their ass being too small, but here's what can happen when it is.
Trust Your Horse?
Many of us have almost unlimited faith in our trusted equine friends, but some people really stretch those limits.
You Know You're A Horse Person When...
A list of telltale signs of equine addiction. If any of these symptoms apply to you, you're probably already beyond help. But it might help you spot signs of this insidious addiction in a friend, relative, or loved one. There are several versions of this list floating around. This copy was compiled by Tara Scholtz and resides on this server.
Divine Equine Humor
A collection of humor from various sources which has been gathered by the keepers of the Divine Equines website. Includes another version of the "You know you're a horse-person when...", gathered from contributions on rec.equestrian.
Horse Bytes
"A Completely Uneducational Collection of Horse Humor" that Kelly Zimmerman has collected from various sources and posted on a web page for your entertainment. Now hosted by the Divine Equines site.
KBR Horse Humor & Adventures
Interesting and humorous true horse stories and adventures, from Kickin Back Ranch.
Cathy Fulmer's Barn Page
Cathy maintains several pages of funny stuff at this site, including another version of the above You know you're .... list (seems to be popular among collectors of fine equine humor).
Yet another copy of the above list.
And how to tell if you're NOT a horse person
The Horseketeers
The group of horse-crazy teenagers and friends who brought you the last 2 lists. They've got a few other funny pages at this site.
National Fjord Racing Association
A site created by an individual determined to make Fjord racing as popular as it deserves to be.
Sheath Cleaning
One of the joys of owning a gelding . Pat Harris wrote these amusing and informative instructions which she posted on Equine-L.
Vocabulary Lesson
An amusing list of definitions for many common equestrian terms. Original source is unknown.
Micro$haft Horse
Sue Leopold speculates on what horses would be like if they were built by a major software company.
Ann Wright's humor page
Ann has an interesting collection of humor; some of it's horsey and some isn't.
Diary of an English Hunting Horse
Foxhunting from the horse's perspective. A very literate British horse named Branston's Pickles has commandeered his owner's computer, and built his own web page.
Lessons from Horses
Janie Kibble's list of things her horses have taught her.
Farrier Humor
How do farriers tolerate fractious horses and even more fractious owners? Obviously they've got a helluva sense of humor. Check out these examples provided by The Farrier & Hoofcare Resource Center.
Fifty Ways to..
..annoy your pasture-mates and slaves. These gems of wisdom contributed by Rudy, with some assistance from his slave, Christina Clark.

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