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Sites of interest to equestrians on the road.

A random and incomplete collection of websites that I thought might be interesting to equestrians traveling with or without their horses. For a more complete directory of equestrian travel sites, see the Open Directory.
A gold mine for anybody hauling horses long distances. The site has a State-by-State Directory of Stables, Horse Motels, Equine Friendly Camping , and Bed & Breakfast's that will stable your horse after a long day on the road, as well as some other helpful information for equestrian travellers.
The Horse Interactive Travel Issue
The April 1998 issue of The Horse Interactive is a must-read for anyone comtemplating a long trailer trip. This special trailer and travel issue has features such as Trauma-free Trailering and Emergencies on the Road. And those crossing state lines will want to check out the sections on Shipping Regulations and Interstate Health Requirements.
Equine Law and Horsemanship Safety Site
This site has a very comprehensive collection of statutes pertaining to horses. Travellers will be particularly interested in the sections on Quarantine and Health Certificate Laws, Brand Laws, and EIA Statutes and Regulations. I don't suppose the Pony Express had to worry about all this stuff.
The Equestry Inn
A listing of facilities which will provide accomodations on a daily basis for those traveling long distances with horses. As this list has just begun, all entries are listed in this page. As the list grows, it will be organized into seperate pages by region, state, etc. as the need arises. Provided by Debby Williams , owner and operator of Kozy Manor Stables.
Bed & Breakfast Online-Horses
An online listing of bed and breakfast sites with accomodations for horses. This is a subset of a more extensive B&B listing maintained by Bed & Breakfast Online
Riding Opportunities on Federal Land
A list of all federal parks and recreational areas with horseback riding opportunities. A search engine allows you to narrow your search to a specific area if desired.
Horse & Mule Trail Guide USA
Trails, Campgrounds, Trail Rides, Overnight Hosts, a collection of trails and places to camp and ride submitted by trail riders. Also has links to other informational sites.
Kentucky Horse Park
Lots of neat pictures and information about events and attractions at the Kentucky Horse Park, "a thousand and thirty acre educational theme park created to honor the animal whose name has become synonymous with the Bluegrass". The KHP web site is very well done, but it's tough for even an excellent web site to really do justice to the park. After your virtual visit, you really need to come to Kentucky and see the real thing.
KHP International Horse Museum
The International Museum of the Horse is the largest and most comprehensive equestrian museum in the world. It is dedicated to telling the intriguing story of the horse and his relationship with humans. The on-line version of the Museum is already one of the largest internet museum projects ever undertaken. Currently, over 1000 pages of information, including the complete text from the Museum's exhibits, and hundreds of photographs are available to school children, scholars, and horse lovers throughout the United States and the world.
Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau
If you're coming to Lexington to visit the Horse Park (or for any other purpose), this site is a gold mine. It has information about transportation and accomodations in the area, as well as other attractions to visit, both equestrian and non-equestrian in case you need to compromise with other members of your entourage.
Gone Away Tours
"Always kicking on ... mounted hunting holidays in the UK and USA". Gone Away Tours is the brainchild of some hard-core foxhunters from both sides of the Atlantic, including one of the charter members of the original Bad Girls Tour. These folks are dedicated foxhunters, and equally dedicated to making sure their customers/companions have a great time. It's a serious business, but they're in it for the love of the sport. You can't beat that kind of dedication.

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