How to Keep Your Horse Happy and Healthy

Vet Rap by Charlotte M. Newell, DVM
Charlotte M. Newell, DVM, a graduate of Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, is a regular online contributor to rec.equestrian, AOL forums, the Arabian mail list and an adult lurker in HC's Jr Riders mailing digest. Kris Carrol has compiled information from some of Dr. Newell's online postings, and offers it as general information to help readers understand veterinary terms, treatments, medications and issues surrounding horse care.
The Horse Interactive
Your online guide to horse health care. A web version of The Horse , a monthly publication focused exclusively on the health and welfare of your horses, published by The BloodHorse, Inc.
Toxic Plants
From Cornell University Animal Science department. A list of plant species that are toxic to horses, including pictures of many of them.
Toxic Plants
Another list, similar to the one above. This one is from Purdue Vet School.
Sheath Cleaning
One of the joys of owning a gelding . Pat Harris wrote these amusing and informative instructions which she posted on Equine-L.
Small Farm Resource
Not completely horse-related, but many horse owners are also farm owners, and might find this page useful (and there is actually some horsey stuff).
The Farrier & Hoofcare Resource Center
The largest collection of farrier and hoof care related items in the, bulletin boards, publications, advice columns, classified ads, discount travel, humor, educational resources and more. You just gotta check out the humor.
Horse Sense Home Page
A low-volume, moderated Q+A mailing list dealing with all aspects of horses, their management, riding, and training; moderated by Jessica Jahiel
Oklahoma State University
The OSU Animal Science Department's list of equine resources .. a large list of links to resources at their site and elsewhere.
NetVet and the Electronic Zoo
NetVet and the Electronic Zoo originate from the vivid imagination and late night web-surfing of Dr. Ken Boschert, a veterinarian in real life. Among this server's 80 Web Pages are several views of veterinary and animal resources available on the Internet and beyond.
Laminitis Web Page
A collection of information on laminitis (founder), provided by Peter Van Dyke.
Lots of agricultural info, much of it horse-related, including: The Thoroughbred Page---Stabling---Wildwest Travel/Equitour---Remuda Ranch---Horse Links ---Cowboy Poetry---Horse Events!---Colors of Kentucky .
Kickin Back Ranch
This website is in celebration of the horse and good horse enthusiasts everywhere. We're not trying to sell anything, but rather promote natural equine sport enjoyment and good horse sense. In addition to the usual pictures and scrapbooks, we're developing some useful information such as Danny Love's farrier page, a section on draft horses, a page dedicated to mustangs, equine survival and safety information, and useful tips.

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