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This is a partial list of websites for hunting-related organizations, consisting mainly of sites of personal interest to me or wide global interest to all foxhunters. When I started building this site in the 90s, it seemed like a good idea because there weren't many sites to list, and no search engines to find them. I have long since given up trying to keep it up to date. For a more complete and up-to-date list, see the Open Directory category listed below.

Open Directory - Foxhunting
Probably the best directory of foxhunting links you'll find anywhere. The Open Directory Project is a new approach to creating some semblance of order from the chaos of the World Wide Web. As the web grows and becomes more unwieldy, search engines yield hundreds of irrelevant results, and commercial directories become woefully outdated. ODP's goal is to provide a comprehensive, current directory by relying on an army of dedicated volunteer editors, each of whom is editing a category which interests him/her. Unfortunately, the Foxhunting directory seems to have lost its editor, so it may be suffering the same fate as this page.
Fox Hunt Virginia
Fox Hunt Virginia is a resource with places to hunt, links of interest to fox hunters, and a place to find news and other information about fox hunting in Virginia. This is a new and actively maintained site. As its name implies, it will be most useful for readers seeking information about hunting in Virginia, but it also has some articles which will be of interest to foxhunting enthusiasts everywhere.
Clear Creek Beagles
They don't chase foxes, and they don't ride horses, so how did a beagle pack sneak in here? Well, they're in Kentucky (Crestwood, near Louisville), and I've had the pleasure of hunting with them when they visit this part of the state. And even for a hunt-to-ride person like myself, following this pack on foot is a wonderful experience.
International Foxhunt Emblem
You've probably seen the ubiquitous cap and mask logo adorning another foxhunter's vehicle or clothing. You may have wondered where to get your own. Now you can. Christian Hettinger, the creator of the International Foxhunt Emblem, has established a website where you can order clothing, license plates, etc. adorned with the popular logo. (Note: the copyright notice in the lower left became illegible when the image was downsized, but it is copyrighted. Please don't re-use it without permission from Christian).
A site created by the folks at Dehner Boots to provide web hosting for hunts and equine sites, and personal email addresses
Fox Hunting in Ol' Virginny
A very amusing and informative site maintained by Doug Morris. It has a lot of photographs and information about Bull Run Hunt, but there's a lot more, including some very amusing stuff and a lot of links to other hunting sites.
Foxhunters OnLine Discussion
An Internet mailing list to allow you to converse with foxhunters around the net and around the world.
Foxhunting Tales
Some of the more eloquent or amusing tales that have been submitted to Foxhunters Online (see above).
Equestrian Land Conservation Resource
ELCR is a national voice for a united equestrian land conservation movement, which promotes the protection of open land and provides information to concerned individuals who wish to maintain access to land for riding and driving. While this is not specifically a hunting-related organization, foxhunting obviously requires large parcels of open land, even more so than many other equestrian sports, so ELCR and their goals should be supported by all foxhunters.
Equine Law and Horsemanship Safety
This site provides comprehensive information resource materials on equine law and horsemanship safety. It is hosted by the University of Vermont, in cooperation with the American Association for Horsemanship Safety (AAHS). The sections on Recreational Use Statutes and Equine Activity Statutes provide lots of good information to hunt clubs who need to know what statutes exist in their state to protect them and their landowners from frivolous lawsuits.
Countryside Alliance
(Formerly British Field Sports Society) Information about foxhunting and other field sports in Great Britain. A lot of good overall information about foxhunting, and up-to-date info on the asinine attempts to ban foxhunting in Britain. This is a very educational site for all foxhunters, regardless of location.

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