Local Events

When I'm not falling off of my own horses, I occasionally hang around at some local shows and hit on .. I mean take pictures of .. people who ride better than I do (and mostly look better too). Here are some pages of photographs I have taken.
About the Photography
A geek's-eye view of the photography here and discussion of my recent plunge into the world of digital photography. Slightly out-of-date now since I've graduated from the Nikon Coolpix to a Canon EOS 300D and haven't gotten around to writing about it.
Champagne Run 2005
A very limited sample of the Novice Stadium Jumping divison at the 2005 Champagne Run at the Park Horse Trials July 16, 2005. I was just there briefly to play with my camera and visit (or harass) some friends, and took a few shots of people I knew that were riding when I was near the ring.
Sayre School Combined Test 2002
August 17, 2002. First field test of my new camera (see above).
MidSouth Team Challenge 2001
The Mid South Eventing Association Team Challenge Horse Trials and CCI-* 3-Day Event (what a mouthful!) was held October 17-21, 2001 at the Kentucky Horse Park. It was a beautiful weekend, and Saturday seemed like a perfect day to waste some film and watch some friends ride. (If you came here looking for official info on this year's event, check out the CT Events website.
Hunter Pace - Spring 2001
Photographs taken at a Hunter Pace event somewhere east of Lexington in late March, 2001.
Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event
One of the ultimate equestrian events in North America, featuring top horses and riders from around the world. I've been attending this event religiously for years, and have pictures for each one since 1995 (although some of the pictures from early years were donated by other photographers).
Moncada 2000 Horse Trial
This event was held Sept 22-24, 2000 at the Wallace Farm near Prospect, KY. A little bit far from home for me, but for various reasons I strayed over there to catch the stadium jumping phase on Sunday.
Kentucky Classic 1998 Horse Trial
The Kentucky Classic Horse Trial is organized by CT Events and held at the Kentucky Horse Park each year on Labor Day weekend. I was there in 1998, and took a few pictures. (If you came here looking for official info on this year's event, check out the CT Events website.
Hunter Trial - Fall 1998
A local hunter trial that I hang out at occasionally.
Hunter Trial - Fall 1997
Same show as above; different year.

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