Rolex KY Three-Day Event 2002


Stadium Jumping

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If you just want to see pictures of the competition, and don't want to read my drivel, follow the links above for the cross-country and stadium-jumping pages.

Dressage. We all know I don't watch dressage; I can watch grass grow anytime. But Friday is a good day to spend at the park, before the weekend crowds hit. I wandered around harassing the vendors at the trade fair; reuniting with distant friends who make the pilgrimage each year from various far-flung locations; and walking the course to get an idea what would be interesting the next day. And of course, the most important task, getting acquainted with the bartenders. They were outstanding this year, telling me I could have whatever my heart desired; in fact, they provided such good service that the last part of Friday afternoon has been totally obliterated from my brain. I don't remember how I got through the army of state troopers at the park exit, but it must have been interesting because they brought in one of their hot-rod pursuit Camaros the next day.

CROSS-COUNTRY!! Yee-hah!!Saturday morning was beautiful, and I saw some terrific riding. As I was roaming the course, I ran into some local friends who didn't see me in time to avoid me. I also managed to get a few halfway-decent pictures of the competition. Saturday afternoon, the rain moved in, making things a little less pleasant for horses, riders, and spectators. Many of the competitors decided to withdraw, and after slogging around in the rain for a little while, I decided to retire to the tent and watch the last few horses on TV with friends and friendly bartenders.

After a lot of rain overnight, and some threats of severe weather in the early morning, the weather cleared up and remained pleasant all day, except for some occasional bursts of high wind during the final stadium jumping competition.

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