Rolex Kentucky 2002

Friendly Encounters

Wandering around the course on Saturday, I ran into various friends and neighbors.

Me and my Harem

Yeah .. sure .. in my dreams. Early Saturday, I ran into this awesome army of angels from Champagne Run. As I was taking their picture, a friendly bystander offered to take a picture of me with them, which of course was an offer I couldn't refuse. Haloes don't show up in photographs, but if they did, you'd notice these all have a slight tarnish which makes them even more appealing. (And, if you prefer pure unpolluted beauty, here they are without me.

My Neighbor, the Mountie

Lisa Rakes, co-owner of Whispering Winds Farm near metropolitan Tatertown, and member of the Lexington-Fayette Mounted Police, helping provide crowd control. If you think she looks tough here, you should see her in full swat gear.

In Trouble Again

This beautiful outrider is Mary Jo Moloney, a fellow member of a local hunt which shall remain nameless. She and her blonde friends manage to keep things lively, and find ways to get my brother and me in trouble. And on Saturday, she demonstrated that her ability to get me in trouble with the powers that be extends beyond the hunt field. As I was backing off trying to get far enough away to get this shot with a 100 mm lens, I backed in front of a golf cart, which happened to be carrying a bunch of high muckety-mucks of a certain nameless hunt.

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