1998 Rolex KY Cross-Country

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*** Cross Country

#7C - Lexington Bank Log
The Lexington Bank is a Rolex Kentucky tradition; it's always been there in some form, although it changes a little every year. It's a complex set of jumps up onto a bank, with a jump at the top and then a drop. This is a picture of Icon and Jill Turner clearing the log at the top of the bank: a 3'10" jump to a 6' drop.
#15B - Log at Head of Lake
Second of a pair of logs leading to the water complex. 3'6" high (the first was 3'10").
#16B - Lake Angled Palisade
A 2'6" step up out of the water led to this palisade, which was 3'11" high with a 4'6" drop back into the water.

**** Cross Country

#6 - A-Frame Oxer
Quoting the course designer, "a real power fence". 3'11" high with a 5'11" spread at the top, and a 8'6" ditch at the bottom. Trans Amaflirt and Buck Davidson make it look easy.
#8A - Lexington Bank
Hometown favorites Dorothy Crowell and Molokai taking the direct route over the Lexington Bank. Here they clear the 3'11" palisade at the top.
#8B - Lexington Bank
Dorothy and Mo again, taking the second part, 3'6" palisade with a 5'6" drop. Piece of cake for this pair.
#9A - Produce Stand
This jump and the next "require bold and accurate riding and control and honesty". 3'11" high. This set of jumps was also used by both *** and **** competitors.
#9BC - Market Corner
I guess she trusts her horse, taking the direct route over the corner instead of the longer easier one.
#10 - Hedge and Ditch
One of the old steeplechase fences; 4'7" high, 9'2" wide.
#11A - Sawmill
Another hometown favorite, Spelga Dam (Kate) and Cathy Wieschhoff, clearing the 3'9" high fence leading into a water basin.
#11BC - Sawmill
Kate/Cathy taking the pair of 3'9" high, 5'4" wide coops out of the sawmill complex.
#12C - Gazebo Garden
Tiptoe through the tulips. A complicated set of 3'10" flower boxes.
#13 - Hammock
"Straightforward but big", 3'11" high and 5' wide. The Hammock was on both the *** and **** courses; this is a **** horse/rider. I'm not sure which one, but it the last x-c picture I took late in the afternoon. Since the horse is gray, it's probably either Snowy River (Phyllis Dawson) or Glenroyd (Elizabeth Iorio).
#19A - Sunken Road
Sunken Road is another long-standing tradition, which also changes from year to year. This year, the jumps on either side had some narrow angles, with options for a longer route. Here Flashy Turn and Margaret McIntosh take the direct route over the 3'10" jump leading into the sunken road.
#19C - Sunken Road
Same pair taking the 3'3" step up out of the sunken road.
#19D - Sunken Road
Sir Nicholas and Gayle Molander taking the short route over the 3'9" final jump of the Sunken Road complex.
#21A - The Hollow
A picture really can't do justice to this one; you had to be there. A huge crater with big logs leading in and out. Here Bruce Davidson and Heyday clear the first log on their way in, 3'6" high with a 6' drop.
#27 - Ditch and Hedge
Just like the name says, a hedge with a ditch in front, the second of a pair. They were both 8' wide and 4'7" high.

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