1998 Rolex KY 3-Day Event

Note: This web page is an unofficial presentation by an individual who has absolutely no connection with Rolex, Equestrian Events, USCTA or any other organizations responsible for producing the Rolex KY 3-Day Event. The information here is accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Once again, the Intrepid Internet Equestrians gathered at the Kentucky Horse Park in late April for this event. Of course, this year was just a little bit different. In addition to the CCI *** event, this year Lexington was host to the first CCI **** event ever to be held in North America.

Aside from the higher-level competition, this year's story is very similar to previous years. Some of the group started rolling into town Wednesday evening and gathered at the Day's Inn for pizza and other refreshments. The evening was fairly uneventful, except for getting Reese up the stairs, and Jenni attacking a beer so enthusiastically that she broke her watch. I missed the latter event as I was retrieving a lost soul from the airport, so I can't elaborate.

Thursday was the first day of dressage competition, and since I'd rather work (or just about anything else) than watch dressage, that's what I did. So there's nothing to report about that.

Friday was more dressage. But I was getting tired of work, so I trekked on out to the park anyway and had lunch with some of the gang. Some folks headed to Keeneland to watch the races, particularly the steeplechase, but I decided I'd rather hang around the park for an afternoon course walk. As part of the USEA Event College, Cathy Wieschhoff led a bunch of us around the cross-country course and gave us a rider's view of the jumps and what she would be thinking as she rode the course the next day. That was fun and educational; a big thank you to the USEA folks (Marie and Julie) for letting me tag along.

And of course, Friday night was the cookout. Tammy, Joyce, and their gang opened their campsite to all who wished to join the fun. I don't seem to remember much about it, but somehow these pictures ended up in my camera. Fortunately, since the camera was apparently in my hands most of the time, I don't have to worry about anything incriminating, although I don't have a clue where this one came from.

Saturday was cross-country, the most exciting part of the event. Unfortunately, I apparently spent too much time yakking, because I didn't get as many good pictures as I did last year. Sunday was stadium jumping. . Saturday night was also the Party at the Park. Some of us were there. No pictures and nothing to report about that.

Also on Sunday, during the break between *** and **** stadium jumping, was the officially scheduled Internet Equestrians Rolex Kentucky Lexington Bank Photo Opportunity. As you can see, only a few faithful souls bothered to show up. In an attempt to pad the crowd a little, I even abandoned my usual modesty to try to get into the picture myself, but the 10-second timer on my camera was just a leeetle too short (unless you think that's my best side). And for another view of this group, Tim Pointing, of Equestrian Sport Photography somewhere in Canada ([email protected]), was nice enough to provide this picture which includes me (guess which one is me), but not him (he was in the other two pictures ...guess which one is him).

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