1997 Rolex KY 3-Day Event

Keeping up with a several-year old tradition, Electronic Equestrians from various Internet groups (Equine-L, Eventers, Foxhunters) gathered at the 1997 Rolex Kentucky 3-day event to have a good time and see one of the premier equestrian events on this continent.

Friday morning, a small but elite crew gathered at the Lexington Bank jump for our traditional photo opportunity. In past years, we've taken a group photo jumping in unison (or as close to unison as this group can muster) off of the bank. As you can see here, the few that showed up apparently didn't feel that energetic this morning.

Rumor has it that there was some of that dressage stuff going on Friday, but I managed to avoid it and remain pure and unpolluted. I did attend the police dog and sheep dog demonstrations, as well as pigging out on junk food and cruising the trade fair.

Friday night, about 40 of us met at the Lone Star Texas Roadhouse for dinner, drinks, and peanut fights. Some of the guilty managed to escape early and avoid photographic incrimination, but a few hung around long enough for a group photo before dispersing to pursue whatever other evils the evening held in store.

Saturday, of course, was what everybody came for, the cross-country competition. I know, I know, eventing purists will point out that there was also steeplechase and roads and tracks. But who watches that stuff? Anyway, I didn't. At the end of the day, David and Karen O'Connor were in first and second place; read on for the conclusion.

Saturday night was the infamous cookout, which is a story by itself.

Sunday, the grande finale, stadium jumping. The tension mounted as Karen O'Connor, in second place behind her husband after cross-country, had a clear round, putting the pressure on David. David knocked down a couple of rails, putting Karen in first place and himself in fifth.

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