2005 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event


Stadium Jumping

Note: This web page is an unofficial presentation by an event groupie who has absolutely no connection with Rolex, Equestrian Events, USEA or any other organizations responsible for producing the Rolex KY 3-Day Event.

As always, those who prefer pretty pictures over pithy prose can just follow the links above to see the stars without being bogged down in my boring blather.

As I started to write this, I copied the 2004 report as a template to work from, and it was surprising, or even frightening, how much of the 2004 text could be repeated with only minor modifications.

I guess the first similarity was the weather. Once again, the weather was less coöperative than it could have been, although not as hostile as it has been at some previous events. The major problem was rain earlier in the week, lingering through Friday morning. We managed to stay dry most of the time, but Friday afternoon the dressage warm-up ring looked like this. Some might have thought the weather was more appropriate for ducks than horses.

But it takes more than rain to scare off the real diehards. Once again, many of the usual gang reappeared, and once again, we managed to include some new faces. Included among the newbies were a contingent from Texas who came already equipped with their own tokens of loyalty. They generously brought along a supply of these, which were graciously (albeit maybe bemusedly) accepted and worn by others, even those from the wrong side of the river. (Sorry to say, they were in such demand that there are none left; those of you watching at home will have to do without).

Unfortunately, one tradition which was missing this year was my favorite bartender, who was sadly absent in spite of her parting promise last year. But, proving that I could be just as fickle as she could, it didn't take long for her place in my fantasies to be usurped by the lovely, leggy Carolyn, who showed off her best side plugging Aanstadt Das breeches. I never knew deerskin could feel so good!!!

And, speaking of tradition, it wouldn't be Rolex without the Friday course stumble. Another more recent Friday tradition was also repeated this year: the Lexus test drive. Like last year, the muddy conditions resulted in some of the more interesting parts of the course being closed off. But unlike last year, when over-cautious Lexus security staff wouldn't let me behind the wheel, in a proud return to the 2003 precedent, I was once again given control of a vehicle. One of the Lexus staff did inquire about the contents of the cup that I was carrying, but he was assured it was juice.

Friday afternoon concluded with a peek into the sponsors' tent to see what the big bucks bought. The conclusion was that they didn't seem to be having any more fun than we were, although the marble and mahogany portapotties aroused the envy of some.

Saturday turned out to be a very nice day for watching the cross-country competition. I'll just let the pictures describe that. There wasn't much extra-curricular activity, except for a pizza outing afterwards, which provided the happy news that Mellow Mushroom has Doggie Style on tap. Sunday was stadium jumping, and once again, the pictures are worth more than thousands of my words.

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