Rolex KY 1996 3-Day Event

These pictures (along with many others) of the 1996 Rolex Kentucky 3-Day Event were taken by Teresa Winning. She very generously provided me with copies of them to display here. Click on any of the titles below to see the picture.

If you're interested in the spectators as well as the competitors, my Equine-L Rolex 1996 page has some photos of the Equine-L subscribers who gathered at Rolex.

Horse Thief's Nemesis
This jump's name stems from the fact that in previous years, there was a dummy, representing a horse thief, hanging from the tree in the middle of the jump. 3'11" high and 5' wide at top. This jump was also known as the Equine-L jump, because this was where the sign was placed acknowledging the sponsorship of a group of Equine-L subscribers.

Steeplechase Hedge
3'10" high, 4'7" with brush. 5'11" wide.

Nice easy jump; no tricks, just jump the sucker. 3'10" high, 5'6" wide. It's only fair to give Bayer some free advertising here, since their rep gave Carole Nowicke and crew free tickets.

New in 1996, this jump replaced the old shutterbug, providing an obstacle to jump "through". 3'10" high, 5' spread.

Treasure Island
Very interesting series of jumps, and this rider is taking the long option. The direct option would be a fairly straight line from right to left, over the white oxer barely visible at far right, then the boathouse (at the edge of the water with the Rolex sign), then straight up onto the island and over the other side of the jump on the island. The option this rider chose was a more serpentine route. Taking a corner of the first oxer sent them off towards the right of the picture. Then circling back towards the left, they jump a different boathouse section, whose corner can barely be seen at far right. Then they head across the lake, pass the island, and urn and jump it from the angle seen here. Another turn, and they head out of the water towards the right. The first oxer is 3'10" high, 5'3" wide; boathouse is 3'5" high, 3'3" wide, with a 6' drop into the water; the island is a 2'6" step up to 3'5" rails, with a 5'11" drop.

Sunken Road 1
Sunken Road 2
We're having fun now! Over a 3'10" rail, 3'3" down, one stride, 3'3" up, and over the 3'10" rail at right. There were two options to this jump. The first was a direct route, giving only a bounce between first rail and the drop. The longer route involved a turn before the first rail, taking it at a location which allowed a full strid before the drop. This is the jump that took Bruce Davidson out of the competition.

Covered Bridge
Nothing really tricky about this one, but a fairly good-sized jump. 3'11" high, 6'6" spread.

Lane Crossing.
Fairly straightforward; just a big solid tree trunk. 3'11" high.

Water Trough
The only jump at the park still in its original form from the 1978 World Championships. 3'10" high, 5'6" wide.

Steeplechase Turns
This rider is taking the fast option, jumping a tricky corner, narrow from side to side but with a wide spread. This avoids taking the longer but safer route involving 2 hedge jumps and a couple of turns.

Park Bench
Last jump of the course, 3'10" high.

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