Rolex Kentucky 1995 3-Day Event

These pictures (along with many others) of the 1995 Rolex Kentucky 3-Day Event were taken by Kendt Eklund. He very generously provided access to them on his Web server until that server was shut down after he changed employers. He allowed me to "steal" some of his pictures for display here. (Actually, he probably would have allowed me to steal all of them, but my limited machine resources at that time wouldn't allow it). Since my interests are a little narrower, I didn't copy any of the dressage photos, just cross-country and stadium jumping. If you see something you like below, click on the image for a larger image.

If you're interested in the spectators as well as the competitors, my Equine-L Rolex 95 page has a photo of the Equine-L subscribers who gathered at Rolex.

Stadium Jumping

Cross Country

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