Man's Best Friends

Chowder and Norm

Chowder -->

A found dog, as most have my dogs have been, found abandoned by previous owners. Chowder appeared in my parents' yard, and they decided he was mine (with no protest from me). Ancestry uncertain, but appears to be mostly chow. Came to live with me in 1996, when he was approximately 1 year old.

<-- Norm
You guessed it ..another found dog that someone dumped on my parents and they foisted off onto me. My sister thinks he's a collie/greyhound mix, but he looks a little Australian to me. In fact, at times I think he's part kangaroo (notice the tail). During his short residency with my parents, they started calling him Normous because of his size in comparison to their ridiculous little dogs. But compared to Chowder and Frodo (who was still with me when Norm arrived), he's just Normal, hence the compromise name Norm.

In honor of those gone but not forgotten, I have a memorial page about earlier canine companions.

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