Linden Wiesman

Anybody that makes it to the Olympics deserves her own web page. When this talented and beautiful rider, and her horse Anderoo, were chosen for the USET Eventing team at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, somebody told me my Rolex web pages had the only pictures of her on the web (or at least the only ones Google could find). So I decided to combine pictures of them that I took at the 1999 and 2000 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Events into this page. At Rolex 2000, she was riding Anderoo, her Olympic mount. At Rolex 1999, she rode two different horses, Primitive Gold and Dutch Delph.

Linden and Anderoo returned to Rolex in 2001. I couldn't get good pictures of them on x-country because of the crowds at the Head of the Lake (okay .. partly because I wasn't paying attention), but I managed to get some reasonably good shots in stadium.

Click on any of the pictures below, or the one at left, for a larger version.

Linden and Anderoo at Rolex 2001

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Linden and Anderoo at Rolex 2000

Linden at Rolex 1999

Primitive Gold

Dutch Delph

Dutch Delph